Man divorces his wife for giving him sekzz only twice during the two-year period of their marriage

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An American man who has just divorced his wife has taken to X formerly known as Twitter to disclose how he suffered in his previous marriage.

According to the American man, his now ex-wife made sex a transactional agreement; one which he had to agree to carry out if he wanted to have intercourse with him.

He added that all through their two years of marriage, he only got to sleep with his wife twice because she always refused to allow him get intimate with her.

He eventually succumbed to getting a divorce after getting tired of negotiating sex with his betrothed wife.

Sharing his story with the world, he tweeted;

Black married couple sitting on couch in living room at home and quarrelling. Angry husband negative emotionally shouting at wife. Misunderstanding break up problems and trouble in relationship concept

How I divorced my wife over sex negotiation, made out twice in two years

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“I will never again negotiate sex in a marriage. It’s why I got divorced. Men are miserable because you are withholding sex for him until he does what he’s told.

That’s a private hell. If that is done to me, you’re out, sweetheart. Too many women out there who give sex without conditions.

“Will you take care of the kids, the house, the dishes?”

I do that shit already and don’t get laid for doing it. Ypur sex being held at the end of a fishing pole for compliance is only going to make you suffer.

There it is. No, it’s not rape. It’s a woman who at the beginning of the relationship was giving sex happily and freely then stopped for one reason or another.

Get that rape crap out of my timeline. I had sex twice in the last two year of my marriage.”

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