Female presenter details how she scaled a wall to catch a cheating partner

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Ghanaian radio personality, Animwaa Addo has recounted an extraordinary tale of how she uncovered her partner’s infidelity.

It all began when her partner started exhibiting unusual sleeping patterns, prompting Animwaa to become suspicious.

Determined to uncover the truth, she decided to pay him an unannounced visit after bidding each other farewell for the day.

Upon arriving at his residence, she found the gate locked from inside.

Undeterred, she boldly scaled the wall to gain entry. Using her resourcefulness, she managed to access the house through the back gate and skillfully picked the locks to his room.

To her dismay, Animwaa discovered her partner in the company of another woman, bringing an abrupt end to their relationship.

Animwaa’s revelation sparked a wave of similar accounts from other women, underscoring the importance of ensuring the fidelity of one’s partner and not being complacent in matters of the heart.

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